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Amod Shiledar, Mrugank Joshi, Bhushan Bissa, Vipul Lande


On-road accidents are leading to an increasing number of deaths and injuries all over the world. One of the major causes of accidents is over-speeding. This paper aims to propose a new method of speed control to provide better and safer driving, focussing mainly on the mopeds running on I.C. Engines. Besides speed control, the paper also aims to modify the existing mechanical throttle system with an electronic one, to increase reliability by preventing the fatigue failure of the accelerator cable during continuous usage and for better calibration of the speed control system. The speed limit in mopeds is achieved by a novel receiver and transmitter unit which communicates with the smart traffic infrastructure and provides the input of limiting speed to the vehicle. A mechatronics system is designed to use this information to control the speed of the vehicle by restricting the fuel flow to the engine.

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Amod Shiledar, Mrugank Joshi, Bhushan Bissa, Vipul Lande. (2022). SMART SPEED CONTROL SYSTEM FOR MOPEDS. Journal of East China University of Science and Technology, 65(4), 108–117. Retrieved from