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Vishal Shukla, Bhushan Bissa, Aman Singh


The body frame of an Off-Road Vehicle or an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is called a roll cage. The roll cage not only functions as a structural support system, but also as a three-dimensional shell that protects the driver in the event of a rollover or other impact. The roll cage is the vehicle's primary structure, which houses other components such as the engine, steering mechanism, transmission assembly, and driver. The roll cage also improves a vehicle's appearance. This paper presents the overview in design, development, and Finite Element Analysis of a Roll Cage of Off-Road Vehicles. The roll cage model is created using SolidWorks software, and the dynamic analysis is performed in Ansys. Different crash tests, such as front impact, rear impact and side impact are also carried out with the use of Ansys software using Ls-Dyna extension to determine the ideal Factor of Safety. The strength and performance of vehicle can be ensured in diverse dynamic settings on the basis of this analysis.

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