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Nishant Tripathi, Kamal Kumar Sharma, Charanjeet Singh


Ever since the emergence of wireless camera sensor network for various applications, need of improving network lifetime, overall data packets transmitted to the Base stations, stability of the network, load balancing among member of the clusters within the network. Several methods have been developed in the past 2 decades increasing the life of network and improving the throughput also. One of the method is by clustering technique in which primarily Cluster head transmits the information to the base stations while the rest of the members of the cluster participate only to transmit their own data to cluster head. Several clustering algorithms have came into existence to improve the life time of the camera sensor network along with improving stability or throughput of the network starting from LEACH, PEGASIS, HEED, TEEN, or SEP. Several advancement has also been put forward of the mentioned algorithms. One of the clustering algorithm is stable election protocol (SEP) and there are various advancement to SEP like, ZSEP (Zonal-SEP), EZSEP (Extended Zonal-SEP), with better results in terms of alive nodes than SEP. In the present work, we are presenting an improved cluster election protocol (IMPROVED DISTRIBUTED CLUSTERING PROTOCOLS) which works at various levels of heterogeneity to improve overall throughput of the network by more than 70%, while delivering better stability and life time of the network. The output of the improved ZSEP has been done MATLAB and the improved results has been compared with LEACH, SEP and ZSEP  which further proves that the present IMPROVED DISTRIBUTED CLUSTERING PROTOCOLS  shows better throughput than other compared algorithm, with better stability.

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Nishant Tripathi, Kamal Kumar Sharma, Charanjeet Singh. (2022). ENHANCED THROUGHPUT AND STABILITY USING IMPROVED DISTRIBUTED CLUSTERING PROTOCOLS. Journal of East China University of Science and Technology, 65(4), 356–366. Retrieved from http://hdlgdxxb.info/index.php/JE_CUST/article/view/434